This week we take a different look at the definition of success as it relates to the fringes of our society. Plus a look into the news!

This week on Monstark & Me, we have an on-air tasting of something called "Root Beer Milk," discuss the secrets of success, and have the first annual Monstark & Me holiday gift exchange! No cats were harmed in the making of this episode, but we cannot say the same for Bryan's Christmas tree.

This week Monstark & Me discuss the concept of normalization and whether or not it's a dangerous phenomenon. We discuss the glowing NY Times profile of an Ohio nazi, Cyntoia Brown, flat earthers, alt-right, Malcolm X, and a bunch of other stuff. Happy Holidays from the dumpster fire that is America! 

This week, Bryan is all sorts of riled up. We discuss Applebees' new Dollar L.I.T. (which should be LIIT, but whatever), Hawaii's medical marijuana laws and guns, hypebeasts, and music. Share, and enjoy!

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