November 30, 2017

Episode 9: Bathrobe Boyz

This week's topics include: Jim & Andy, Hamilton Morris, the Brutal Black Project, historic trolls, memes, flat earthers, tha haterz, and what would happen if Drumpf took DMT. In the second half of this episode we discuss toxic masculinity and what is likely the most taboo subject you can discuss. Be forewarned, the later part of episode is not for the close-minded, and will probably get us our first hate mail. Share, and enjoy!

Part 2 of this week's episode! We discuss the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics and all of the potentially terrible things that could have happened to us in an alternate universe. We also talk about a book one of us is planning on writing, and encourage cuddling strangers. The music in this episode is from Styles of Beyond's album Reseda Beach. Share, and enjoy.

Part one of a two-part episode. We discuss the Pasedena Designer-Con, Chang and Eng,the ATL Twins, Nardwuar, The Satanic Temple, and ICP (yes, again). This week's music is "Demigodz Is Back" from the Demigodz "Killmatic" album. Share, and enjoy.


October was a motherfucker of a month... between the fires in Santa Rosa and a bunch of other stuff, we had to take a little time off. But we're back to discuss the fires, Guy Fieri's heroism, social media,Tamagotchi friendships, our imminent dimentia, and some other stuff. This week's music provided by Mr. Fucking Dibbs.

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